A Raunchy Massage for Chloe

Chloe Klein Jan 18, 2022

Chloe is an endearing, olive skinned, titanic titted, raven haired, round n’raunchy fat girl. Chloe desperately needs one of Jay’s special massages, to release all the tension she has been holding onto. Once she is lying face down on Jay’s table, he oils her up, as his magic fingers deeply rub and knead her abundant curves, sensually pushing out the tension she has been holding onto. Chloe cannot help but notice how hard he has gotten, so Jay pulls out his colossal cock to give her a giant oral pacifier to savor, while continuing her massage. Moving her into doggie, to stretch her back and butt, Jay works a large dildo into her wet pussy, to stimulate her deep, inner acupressure point, releasing even more tension, while she moans euphorically. Having her lie on her back, Jay oils up her front, as he continues deeply massaging her bodacious belly and mountainous mammaries, adding a tongue massage to her pert nipples, while she moans ecstatically. When his adroit fingers expertly massage her clit, even with his monster cock in her mouth, she still moans and cries out, in orgiastic exultation, as an explosive, screaming orgasm burst forth. Then, Jay decides to multitask, using the vibrator on her clit, as he fucks her with the giant dildo, and sucks her hard nipples. He continues mining her suppressed tension, by giving her one screaming, body convulsing orgasm after another. Her multiple, volcanic orgasms have left her with a happy, relaxed smile on her face.

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