Fat 'n' Thin Lesbian Loving

Chloe Klein Sep 21, 2021

Chloe is an adorable, doe-eyed, black-haired, big-boobed, corpulent cutie, and while her friend Nicky is not a chunky chick, she is a hot, blonde, lesbian bombshell. Being horny, and with Jay running late, they decide to start without him. After some foreplay, with Nicky bent over, Chloe fiercely licks and fingers her pussy, and gleefully spanks her ass hard. Then, standing breast to breast, Nicky moans elatedly, as Chloe gluttonously gobbles up her huge tits, while frantically finger-fucking her. Sitting her on the couch, Nicky frenziedly licks and fingers Chloe’s shaved snatch, unleashing a torrent of screaming, gut-wrenching orgasms. After a 69, Nicky sits on Chloe face, savagely slapping and finger fucking her greedy cunt, as her screeching orgasms continue unabated. Then Nicky moans and howls with uncaged, passions, as Chloe savagely finger fucks her, in doggie, detonating a ferocious, shrieking, squirting, primal orgasm. Chloe then steadily fucks Nicky’s asshole with a big, purple, dildo, before rapid fire drilling it into her ravenous cunt, making her scream, and holler, as exorcism worthy orgasms consume her. The girls then enjoy sucking on opposite ends of a massive, double-headed dildo, before wildly fucking each other, first, facing one another, then butt to butt, in doggie, as the cacophony of their faux-cock-crazed revelry, rouses the neighbors. Having satisfied their lesbian longings, when Jay finally does show up, the exasperated girls decide to leave.

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