Guidelines for Prospective Models

For BBW Models:
  • To apply, please email photos of yourself (preferably nude, standing, facing the camera, without filters) along with your Twitter and/or Instagram profile links (if applicable) to Additionally, please specify your comfort level with anal sex.
  • Submission Review Process: All submissions are reviewed and if deemed suitable, forwarded to our production manager, Jay Crew. He is responsible for determining the shoot date, compensation, etc.
  • Location:We conduct our shoots in Los Angeles. We prefer models who are either based in Los Angeles or already have travel scheduled to this location. If you plan on traveling to Los Angeles specifically for our shoot, we can reimburse your plane tickets after the fact. Please note that we are not able to purchase tickets on your behalf in advance.
  • Click here for what to expect
For Male Talent:
  • Applicants should be located in or near Los Angeles. Please send photos to to establish your body type and penis size.
Do NOT send the following email requests
  • Becoming a pornstar: Please note we are a modeling platform, not a talent agency. We cannot assist with career aspirations in the adult film industry.
  • Visa assistance: We regret to inform you that we are unable to assist with visa applications or provide any form of help for foreigners trying to travel to the United States.
  • Meet and greet requests: We do not facilitate meet and greets. Our focus is to provide a platform for models to showcase their talent.
  • Requesting contact information of our models: For the privacy and security of our models, we do not share their contact information, including phone numbers or email addresses.
  • Requesting financial assistance for travel: We are not able to provide financial assistance or support for travel.
What to Expect

As an upcoming model for our platform, here's what you should expect:

  1. **Travel**: If you're an established BBW model with a significant following, we may cover your travel expenses. If you're just starting or you're an amateur model, you will be responsible for your own travel costs. Our primary studio is located in Los Angeles, specifically in the San Fernando Valley.
  2. **Identification**: You'll be required to bring a valid ID to the shoot. This will be used to verify your age and identity. Be prepared to allow us to take a photo or scan of this ID card for our records.
  3. **Documentation**: Before any shooting begins, you will need to sign a release giving our studio exclusive rights to the content created. This is a standard industry practice and ensures we can distribute and promote the content as needed.
  4. **Shoot Duration**: The time at the shoot usually lasts about four hours. We aim to create a comfortable, safe environment to allow for the best content creation.
  5. **Testing**: You should have a current STD test to show all co-performers on the day of the shoot. This is part of our commitment to ensuring the safety and health of all our models. Sometimes, we may cover your testing expenses, but this is not guaranteed and should not be expected in all cases. Any such coverage should be negotiated in advance. If you need more details on testing, you can reach the production manager Jay Crew at
  6. **Photography and Short Clips**: During the shoot, we will also take a set of photos for both the Boy/Girl and the solo videos. We also request a couple of less than 1-minute clips to promote both you, the model, and our site on social media platforms.
  7. **Payment**: For a Boy/Girl scene and a solo video, we provide the solo video to you to use on your own fan site as a way to boost your content and attract more followers. For information on the payment rates, please contact our production manager Jay Crew at
  8. **Exposure**: Working with us means getting exposed to a large audience from our numerous channels. This offers a great opportunity to attract more fans and increase your earnings from your own fan site.
What We Expect

From our models, we expect:

  1. **Professionalism**: We anticipate all models to conduct themselves in a professional manner at all times. This includes being punctual, respectful, and prepared for each shoot.
  2. **Consistency**: Consistency in your work and presence is key. This means being reliable in terms of your availability and also in the quality of content you create.
  3. **Commitment**: A commitment to delivering the best performance possible is expected. We look forward to working with models who are enthusiastic and eager to succeed in the industry.
  4. **Communication**: Open and prompt communication is essential. Whether it's about availability, issues, or even just general updates, we appreciate models who keep us informed.
  5. **Positive Attitude**: A positive attitude on set is crucial. Complaining or expressing negativity disrupts the mood on set and can result in subpar content. Fans will pick up on this and it won't benefit anyone involved. Your positive mindset contributes to the quality of the production and the enjoyment of our audience.

We appreciate your understanding and compliance with these guidelines to maintain a professional and respectful environment.

If you are not a BBW model, please visit our 'Become A Model' page for more information.