Fat Fucking Fabulous

Chloe Klein Aug 6, 2021

Chloe is an adorable, raven-haired, titanic-titted, tattooed, corpulent cutie. The scene begins with Jay, the notorious, chubby chaser, conducting a fun get to know her Q&A with his usual, affable charm. With the introductions out of the way, Chloe ravenously sucks his humongous prick with , demonish hunger, gusto, and adroit, oral prowess, as she does her best to shove his every stony inch down her gullet. Having missed lunch, Jay spreads her legs wide, while she moans elatedly, as he chows down on her shaved snatch that is barely beginning to have hairs slowly grow back. Then Jay vehemently plows his ginormous, pleasure probe deep into her twat in missionary, as she moans, and cries out, in lascivious exultation. She then wildly rides his obelisk of lust in cowgirl, moaning, and wailing in sybaritic jubilation, as she races to her depraved Nirvana. After she gluttonously sucks her pussy juice from his dingus, Jay fervently drills his demon dick into her in spoon, as she moans, and screeches, in a cock-crazed revelry. Following a yummy 69, Jay barbarously slams his monster cock into her in doggie, while she moans, and howls, like a bitch in heat. Returning to missionary, Jay barbarically, pile drives his colossal cock deep into her quivering quim, as she moans, and shrieks, in rapture. For the finale, Jay covers her mammoth mammaries with a gushing fountain of cum leaving her happily, glazed, and dazed.

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