Lady and the Dildo

Lady Lynn Nov 2, 2021

Fasten your seat belts, and grab some lube: our divine Lady of Lust has returned! Lady Lynn is a scintillating, bubbly, effervescent, 44jj, mega-boobed, crimson haired, multi-orgasmic, Mature BBW paragon of perversion. Standing at only 5’3”, she is a concentrated powder-keg of unimaginable, orgasmic fury, with insatiable, carnal cravings. After a convivial chat with Jay, discussing her return, she appears to truly enjoy teasing us, as she undresses to flaunt her abundant charms, and jaw-dropping elephantine boobage. Once naked, after teasing, and taunting us, she sits down to adroitly fingers her voracious, bald, man-trap, inciting her vociferous, elated groans. Next, she gives a large red dildo an enviable blow job, before rhythmically driving it into her moist carnal cavern, while moaning, and crying out, in orgiastic exultation. Upping the ante, she exchanges the dildo, for a vibrator that she expertly massages her throbbing clit, and sensitive nipples with, moaning, and wailing, like a mythological banshee in heat, as she ushers in the first of many, volcanic, screaming, gut-wrenching orgasms. Moving into doggie, she continues massaging her clit with the vibrator, unleashing an endless cavalcade, of the most awe-inspiring, eye-popping, howling, soul-wrenching orgasms ever seen. Afterwards, with a big, satisfied smile on her face, she chats with Jay, who thankfully reminds her to give us her Twitter info, so that we can follow the exploits of this 8th Wonder of the World.

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