Lynn's Back and Better Than Ever!

Lady Lynn Oct 1, 2021

Lady Lynn is an intoxicating, vivacious, 44jj, titanic-titted, Mature BBW. Having finished another scene, while getting dressed, Lynn notices Jay's demon cock is rock-hard, having watched her previous scene, so she feels it is her duty to deflate his engorged prick. Being a connoisseur of cock, Lady gluttonously savors sucking his colossal cock, with sluttish, epicurean relish, and accomplished oral artistry. Then Jay worships her bald pussy, as his talented tongue eats his way to her heart, while she moans elatedly. Ready for action, he brutishly pounds his ginormous cock into her, as she moans, and cries out, in orgiastic exultation. With her passions set ablaze, she rides his towering tool in cowgirl, like a jockey in the derby, racing towards her hedonistic Valhalla, unleashing an endless cavalcade of screaming, volcanic orgasms. After she greedily sucks her slut sauce from his dork, Jay drives her home, barbarously slamming his monster cock into her in doggie, as her moaning, howling, primal orgasms continue bursting forth unabated. Rolling into spoon, Jay vehemently drills his demon dick into her, launching her into a moaning, shrieking, dick- delirium. Returning to missionary, he furiously pile drives his pork sword into her, with fiery fervor, while earth shaking, screaming orgasms engulf her. Being a dedicated volunteer fireman, Jay hoses down her monumental mammaries, to quench her incendiary passions, leaving her happily glazed and dazed.

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