Machine Fuck Mania

Lady Lynn Jan 19, 2018

Lynn is a fun-loving round ‘n’ raunchy fat girl with a permanent good-time, cock-addicted attitude and some magnificent, monumental mammaries. Being a wanton slut and having heard of our infamous one and half demonpower mechanized marvel, the Fuck 6000 fucking machine, she’s anxious to give it a whirl. After a brief Q&A while stripping to show off her ample assets, she demonstrates her oral prowess by expertly sucking the 6000’s silicon prick. She truly seems to get a joyous kick out of having the 6000 fuck her mouth and give her a brisk titty fucking, filling her with sluttish glee. In awe of our mechanized marvel, she lays back, having the 6000 relentlessly pound her bald pussy while she pinches her nipples, moaning and crying out in ecstatic sluttish jubilation which soon brings her to the first of many an explosive, screaming, gut-wrenching orgasm as she relishes the power of the 6000’s indefatigable thrusts, slipping into an intoxicated, dick- revelry. Moving into doggie, she gives us a glorious gander of her big beautiful fat ass as the 6000 continues to pulverize her pussy with its potent, unwavering thrusts, making her moan, howl, and yelp like a feral demon as humongous, screaming, body-convulsing orgasmic tsunamis engulf her, leaving her with a huge, happy, well-fucked smile on her face, brimming with sluttish glee.

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