Fatty Fucked Anally with Strap On

Bella Bendz Mar 13, 2020

Bella’s a tons of fun, tattooed, brunette, corpulent cutie, who is always up for anything, so when an attractive, older, blonde, woman, tries to seduce her, Bella quickly succumbs to her flattery, which leads to letting her suck her toes, then chow down, for lunch, at the Y, as the more dominant blonde, masterfully licks and fingers, Bella’s bald, cave of carnal desires, as only a woman can, composing a rhapsody of Bella’s euphoric moans. Then, standing before Bella, with a strap on a dildo, she assertively has Bella suck her faux dick, to get her juices flowing, which it does. Being the slut that she is, Bella sucks her silicon prick, with voracious, drooling, demonish hunger, gusto, and impressive, oral prowess, as she deep throats her, with ease. After some frisky titty fucking, our she stud earnestly drives her strap on into Bella, in doggie, making her moan and yelp, like the bitch in heat, that she is. Then, Bella rides her in cowgirl, with her big, beautiful, fat ass zealously humping that silicon cock, while moaning and crying out, in Sapphic exultation. The blonde continues fervently plowing her pussy, in missionary, while Bella frantically fingers her clit, moaning and screeching, in libidinous jubilation. Wanting to explore all her holes, she moves her into spoon, while diligently drilling her strap on, into Bella’s ass, launching her, into a moaning, shrieking, rapture.

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