Massive Machine Loving

Bella Bendz Oct 25, 2017

Bella is a horny, tattooed, brunette corpulent cutie who’s come to try out our Fuck 6000 fucking machine, which she’s heard so much about. Following a brief Q&A with a playful striptease flaunting her abundant charms, she demonstrates her cock sucking expertise on the silicon pecker, taking exceptional delight in turning it on to aggressively fuck her mouth. She even gets off turning it on high to furiously fuck her tits before lying down to have it steadily pound her bare ravenous pink canoe. She starts on medium, but soon her voracious desires have her cranking it up to high so that our mechanical marvel is pile driving her gluttonous cunt while she frantically fingers her clit, moaning in sluttish jubilation, bringing herself to a volcanic climax. Being the greedy slut that she is, the more she cums, the more she wants to cum, erupting in a torrent of moaning, screaming orgasms thanks to the 6000 being a tireless stud that never stops unless she directs it to. Moving into doggie with her fat ass in the air, the 6000 relentlessly drills her hungry hole, driving her into a moaning, primal, screaming, orgasmic sexual delirium. Tired but not yet spent, she lies on her back frenetically fingering her clit as the 6000 vehemently plows her harlot’s hole and she pants, moans, and wails, crying out in rapture as orgasmic tsunamis continue to engulf her, converting her to be another staunch proponent of machine love.

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