She's Got Dick Breath

Bella Bendz Aug 30, 2019

Bella is a bodacious, blue haired, tattooed, round n’ raunchy fat girl, who has a hankering, for Eric’s jumbo sized Johnson. After a teasing strip, showing off her fabulous, fatty flesh, she devours his giant kielbasa, voraciously sucking his huge cock, with , demonish hunger, gusto, glee, and accomplished oral aptitude. Eric reciprocates, by licking her bald, pink taco, in earnest, as she moans elatedly. He then, potently plows his titanic tool, into her cave of lecherous longings, as she moans and cries out, in pornographic exultation. Then, she vigorously slams her ravenous cunt, onto his towering tool, in reverse cowgirl, while moaning and shrieking, in promiscuous jubilation. Her her raucous ride continues, in cowgirl, with her gorgeous, big, fat ass, spiritedly humps his colossal cock, as she races towards her depraved Valhalla, moaning and squealing, with ecstatic ardor. Once in doggie, Eric brutishly pounds his monster cock into her, as she wantonly throws herself back, onto his dick, moaning and howling, like a bitch in heat. Once she is rolled into spoon, he diligently drills his demon dick, into her cock pocket, with fiery fervor, while she rubs her love button, moaning and wailing, in rapture, as powerful, gut wrenching orgasms, roll over her. Feeling generous, Eric feeds her sluttish cravings, letting his cum liberally cascade down, upon her outstretched tongue, and all over bountiful boobs, leaving her a big, happy gooey mess.

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