A Dildo at Both Ends

Luna Storm Mar 15, 2022

Warning, there is a Storm-front moving in. Luna is a vivacious, pale skinned, brunette, heavy honey, with a fabulous, fur burger. Luna introduces herself, while fondling and giggling her fabulous, fatty flesh, with her big, infectious, wicked smile. Then, she lies back on the couch, fervidly fingering her fur covered, man trap, while moaning elatedly. After displaying her definitive oral obsession, sensually sucking a large, purple dildo, she ardently fucks her voracious cunt, while moaning and crying out, in orgiastic exultation, as she gluttonously sucks another dildo, which makes her eyes roll back in her head, while groaning ecstatically. Luna then sits on a large dildo, wantonly humping it in cowgirl, as she races towards her decadent Nirvana, bringing herself to a thunderous orgasm. Basing in the afterglow, she seems to relish sucking her sweet, pussy juice from the dildos, as she thanks us for watching.

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