Round and Pounded

Luna Storm Oct 23, 2020

Luna Storm is a tons of fun, convivial, flaxen-haired, newbie, BBW slut, and Jay is the lucky stiff, who launches her, on her inaugural voyage, to cruise the depth of her depravity. After some assertive foreplay, she ravenously sucks his dinosaur dick, with sluttish, epicurean relish, and adept, oral virtuosity, as she easily deep throats his horse cock, balls deep. Jay then masterfully licks her bald, honey pot, before potently plowing his titanic tool into her, in missionary, while firmly grabbing her belly fat, to strengthen the power of his thrusts, as she explodes in a stunning, screaming orgasm. After she gluttonously sucks her slut juice, from his dingus, she mounts his towering tool in cowgirl, while he spanks her humongous ass hard, as she races towards a decadent Valhalla, moaning, and wailing, in X-rated jubilation, while howling, body convulsing orgasm engulf her. Resuming her raucous ride to orgasmic Nirvana, in reverse cowgirl, she wildly slams her voracious cunt, onto his colossal cock, before rolling into spoon, where he barbarously drills his donkey dick into her, as shrieking, soul-wrenching orgasms continue to spill forth unabated. Moving her into doggie, then missionary, Jay brutishly pounds his monster cock into her, while she moans, and howls, with uncaged, bestial passions, until he leaves a nice cream pie, in her cock oven, then pulls out, to spray some frosting on her sweet cake, as his baby batter slowly oozes out, for a gorgeous, gooey ending.

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