Fat Dildo Fun

Curvy Mary Jan 11, 2022

Mary is a seductive, 300+lb., big titted, humongous, dirty-blonde haired, BBW slut. After introducing herself, and telling us how to contact her, she lets her daring digits titillate her throbbing clit, as she expertly fingers her fleshy pussy, while moaning euphorically. Kicking it up a notch, this wanton, wide-bodied wench firmly massages her love button with a vibrator, as her elated moans and cries of decadent delight fill the room. Hungry for more, she sensually savors sucking a massive dildo, then vigorously fucks her ravenous bald, cunt, with it, while firmly massaging her engorged clit with the vibrator, as she moans and sighs in rapture. Apparently, her sexual arousal has given her an idea of what might better satisfy her carnal cravings. So, she goes off to retrieve it. However, we will need to wait until the next installment to learn exactly what that is.

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