Fat Ass In The Shower

Curvy Mary Dec 15, 2020

Mary is a tantalizingly teasing, flaxen-haired, large-bodied lass. We shot this with her talking to the camera, creating the illusion of being in her bathroom, as she flaunts her fulsome rolls of fabulous, fatty flesh. She luxuriates in soaping up her abundant curves, before realizing that she has two dildos in the shower, so she wantonly sucks one, while frenetically fucking her pussy with the other, moaning, and screeching, in sluttish jubilation. Sticking one on the shower door, she ferociously thrusts back onto it in standing doggie, moaning, and howling, with raw, uncaged, demonistic passions, while sucking the other to appease her oral cravings. Dropping a dildo, she frantically sits down to retrieve it, so as to continue furiously fucking her shaved snatch, unleashing a volcanic, screaming orgasm. Undaunted, she ferociously fucks her twat, while sitting on the edge of the tub, and ravenously sucking the other dildo, then briskly titty fucking herself, before sensually rubbing lotion all over her monumental mounds of corpulent flesh, then resuming frenziedly fucking her greedy cunt and mouth to bring herself, to another earth-shattering orgasm. She orders our voyeur camera to leave so that she can clean up, in the shower, but we sneak back in, to catch this horny honey voraciously sucking one dildo, while wildly slamming her torrid twat back onto the other moaning, and wailing, in rapture, culminating in a stupendous, shrieking, orgasmic tsunami engulfing her.

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