Big Tits, Big Belly, Hard Fuck

Kendra Lee Ryan Nov 19, 2021

Kendra Lee’s an enticing, tattooed, 44F big-boobed brunette, corpulent cutie, with a nostalgic furry, fuck furrow. Sitting on the couch, Kendra and Jay playfully chat about the bulge in his shorts. Then, with a wicked, wry smile, she assumes responsibility for engorging, his pulsating prick. Consequently, she gluttonously savors sucking his demon cock, with sluttish, epicurean relish, and consummate, oral prowess. While she moans appreciatively, Jay dines on her fur burger. He then ardently plows his colossal cock into her garden of earthly delights in missionary, bareback, as she moans and cries out, in debauched exultation. After enjoying some zestful cock sucking and titty fucking, Jay barbarously pounds his demon dick into her in doggie, making her moan and howl, with primordial, passions. She then raucously rides him in cowgirl, then reverse cowgirl, vigorously humping his obelisk of lust, while she bellows and bawls, in a frenzied, cock-crazed revelry. With her lying on her side, with her voluminous ass facing us, he brutishly drills his demon dick into her, while she moans and shrieks in rapture, unleashing an awesome, eye rolling back in her head, screaming, soul-wrenching orgasm. Jay continues vigorously pile driving his titanic tool into her furry man-trap in missionary, sending her into a moaning, squealing, dick- delirium. Finally, Jay spray paints her mountainous mammaries with a copious coating of cum, leaving her happily glazed and dazed.

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