Heavyweight Threesome

Luna Lark, Kendra Lee Ryan Jun 11, 2021

Luna’s an enchanting, big-titted, ruby-haired, tattooed, corpulent cutie, and Kendra’s an enticing, auburn-haired, tattooed, mega-titted, BBW slut, with a luxuriantly, fur-covered, man trap. After he catches the girls in a post-coital caress, they ask Jay to join them, as they gluttonously suck his demon cock, with sluttish avarice, gusto, and glee, seeing who can shove it down their throats the farthest. After some frenzied titty fucking, Luna moans ecstatically, as she wantonly rides his obelisk of lust, in cowgirl, while Kendra sits on his face moaning euphorically. Jay then potently pounds his monster cock into Luna in doggie, as she ardently licks Kendra’s bearded clam, while they moan, and cry out, in hedonistic exultation. Then Jay brutishly plows his titanic tool into Kendra’s fur burger, while Luna sits on her face muffling her elated screams. Then Jay fervently slams his gargantuan cock into Luna in missionary, while Kendra sits on her face, as they fill the room with their rhapsodic moans. Then Kendra gallops on his towering tool in cowgirl, while Luna sits on his face, with both moaning, and wailing, in debauched jubilation. Jay then ardently pounds his prodigious prick into Luna in missionary, as she sucks on Kendra’s enormous tits while moaning, and shrieking, in rapture. With Kendra cheering him on, Jay rains down a monsoon of creamy cum all over Luna’s face, and into her mouth, leaving her looking like a happy, glazed donut.

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