Lila is Back - Massage

Lila Lovely Jul 21, 2020

Lila’s an enticing, titanic titted, blonde, Amazonian, mature BBW, whose back, is tied in knots, so she visits Jay, for his unique, deep tissue massage, and with them both wearing face masks, in this pandemic porn first. I do not know, how vertically challenged Jay maybe, but when standing next to this Amazon, he looks absolutely Lilliputian, with his head at tit level, as he buries his face, in her mountainous mammaries, while his hands and tongue ferret out hidden pockets of tension, sequestered in her ample flesh. With her lying face down, on his table, all oiled up, he kneads, and massages, her bounteous flesh, eliciting her euphoric moans, that are amplified when he redirects his fingers, and tongue, to her capacious ass, and sizzling cunt. Flipping her over, Jay reverently oils up, massages, and suckles her bodacious boobs, before slowly working his way down her fleshy abdomen, to her furry cock socket. Fickle Jay, cannot decide, whether to fuck her throat or to revel in titty fucking, her humongous boobs, with his colossal cock. Jay then uses a vibrator, and his talented tongue, on her pert nipples, then throbbing love button, before probing deep inside her twat, to effleurage her G-spot, as she moans, and cries out, in debauched exultation. Then, while she uses a vibrator, on her throbbing clit, he works a dildo, into her voracious, cunt, to free her enraptured moans, until a heavenly, orgasmic wave, washes over her, leaving her wallowing, in the blissful afterglow.

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