An Orgy of Plump

Buxom Bella, Angel DeLuca, Holly Jayde, Lila Lovely Feb 26, 2016

This orgy starts off with just our big-boobed, round ‘n’ raunchy fat girls, from left to right, brunette Buxom Bella, then raven-haired Holly Jade, then a very lovely, brunette Angel DeLuca, with blond Amazon Darjeeling on the end. While waiting for the guys, they regale each other with their sexual escapes and then compare pussies to see who has the prettiest, but incapable of looking without touching, they’re soon licking, fingering, and using the mighty magic wand vibrator on each other, eliciting some awe-inspiring, moaning, screaming, full body-convulsing orgasms. When the guys arrive, they dive in, eating pussy before whipping out their meat sabres to fill the girls mouths and pussies, which they devour with voracious, demonish hunger. Thrilled to finally have some cocks, the girls savor sucking them with sluttish zeal, but, once they’re implanted into their hungry harlot’s holes, the ladies’ moaning, screaming cries of unbridled lust fill the room. Everyone moves fluidly from one to another, insuring every gluttonous cunt and mouth has been fucked with every clit and nipple licked, like some giant sex-crazed organism wringing out an endless deluge of screaming, gut-wrenching orgasms, fucking, licking, and sucking in every combination of positions imaginable, serenaded with a soundtrack of moans and screams of unchained, rapture, which the men conduct with their beef batons. For a finale, the guys unleash geysers of goo to cover the girls’ mouths, faces, and tits, leaving them with big glazed smiles on their cum covered faces.

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Jan 10, 2014