Large Lass Loves Large Cock

Erin Green Jun 11, 2018

Erin, is a fun loving, tall, amazonian, large bodied lass, with some humongous hooters, who immediately, voraciously devours Eric’s prodigious prick, savoring sucking him, with sluttish glee, gusto, and wolfish hunger. Being a big boob connoisseur, Eric cannot resist the allure of titty fucking her mountainous mammaries, before ardently plowing his king sized pecker, into her gluttonous, fur covered, love grotto, moaning and wailing in libidinous exultation, as her massive mounds of fatty flesh undulate, ripple, and roll with his every virile thrust. Erin then mounts his towering tool in cowgirl, her capacious, big fat ass, passionately humping him, as she moans ecstatically. Moving into doggie, Eric vehemently pounds his colossal cock into her, making her moan, howl, and yelp with unchained bestial passions, as her face contorts into the agony of ecstasy, while her humongous hooters heave and sway. Rolling her into spoon, then missionary, he fervently drills his donkey dick into her, with impassioned zeal, driving her into a moaning, screeching, altered state of sexual delirium, as she begs for more. Knowing the value of a good skin conditioner, Eric spray paints her face and tits, with his joy juice, leaving her happily glazed.

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