Erin Can't Resist a Hard Cock

Erin Green Jan 29, 2018

Erin is a tons-of-fun corpulent cutie with some monumental mammaries whom Eric is thrilled to see again. As a gentleman, he releases his dauntless dong, which is standing at attention for the lady, and she repays his chivalrous act by ravenously sucking his demon cock with sluttish gusto and glee. After oiling up her twin peaks, Eric gives them a brisk titty fucking before dining at the Y, lavishly licking her bald hungry harlot’s hole then ardently plowing his titanic tool into her in missionary, eliciting euphoric moans of ecstasy as her mountainous mounds of belly fat undulate with his every virile thrust. She then takes a wild ride on his huge fuck-pole in reverse cowgirl, energetically slamming her voracious cunt onto him while moaning wildly in orgiastic exultation. Spinning around into cowgirl, her big beautiful super-fat ass vehemently humps his towering tool with fiery fervor, moaning and wailing in sluttish jubilation. After she sucks her slut sauce from his dork, he zealously pounds his beef baton into her in doggie as she moans and cries out with unbridled passions, exploding in a screaming, , gut-wrenching orgasm. Eric continues to pummel her pussy while she lies on her side, and he diligently drills his monster cock into her cave of wonders as she moans and howls, begging for more in rapture while an all-consuming orgasmic tsunami engulf her. He then treats her to dessert for a job well done, letting loose a geyser of goo into and all over her mouth and tits.

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