Chubby Slut Takes the Salami

Chelsea Dagger Sep 30, 2022

Chelsea is an alluring, tattooed, big boobed, brunette, corpulent cutie, whose torrid twat is cloaked with a barely there, thin layer of soft downy fur. After a little chit chat with Chad, he roughly fondles her bountiful curves and spanks her big, beautiful ass hard, igniting her incendiary passions. She ravenously savors sucking his impressive member, with sluttish, epicurean avarice, gusto, glee, and consummate, oral artistry, deep throating him with ease. In turn, he lavishly licks her bearded clam as she groans ecstatically. Then, using the head of his cock to massage her clit, Chad unleashes her powerful, screaming, volcanic orgasm. Subsequently, he potently plows his titanic tool into her in missionary, bareback, as she moans and cries out, in decadent exultation, unleashing an endless torrent of screaming, gut-wrenching orgasms. He then vigorously drills his donkey dick into her in spoon, sending her into a bellowing, bawling, cock-crazed revelry, while her ceaseless cavalcade of screaming, all consuming orgasms continue to burst forth. Climbing onto his meat missile in cowgirl, her big, round ass mesmerizes us as she wantonly humps him, racing towards her depraved Nirvana, moaning and wailing in sluttish jubilation. Next, he brutishly pounds his monster cock into her in doggie, as she moans and yelps like a bitch in heat. Finally, he unleashes a geyser of goo into and all over her mouth, which she savors with sluttish relish, and a wicked, cum covered smile.

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