Chelsea Toys Her Twat

Chelsea Dagger Jul 26, 2022

Chelsea is a large and lovely, tattooed, big titted, heavy honey, with shortly cropped, brown hair, and thin, downy, fur coat, which is growing back from her previously shaved snatch. After a brief intro to introduce herself, she begins fondling and caressing her wonderful mounds of fabulous, fatty flesh. Once naked, she lies back, sensually fingering her ravenous, harlot’s hole, while groaning euphorically. Ready for more, she fervently rubs a vibrator over her throbbing clit, and into her carnal cavern to elicit a powerful, screaming, body convulsing orgasm. Then, she avidly fellates a massive dildo to satisfy her oral addiction, before firmly fucking her greedy cunt, as she lies on her side, then on her back, moaning and crying out in hedonistic exultation. Wanting more, she glues the vibrator to her clit, while she continues zealously fucking herself, to usher in a slew of monumental, screaming, soul-wrenching orgasms. Being a size queen, she grabs an even bigger dildo to stretch her voracious pussy and ardently fuck herself, while moaning and squealing, in sluttish jubilation. Subsequently, she resumes using the vibrator on her pulsing clit, while ferociously fucking herself with the gargantuan dildo, triggering a volcanic, screaming, all consuming orgasm, which leaves this greedy slut with a big, beautiful, Betty Boop smile on her face.

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