Remi's Ready for a Rub-Down

Remi Ferdinand May 24, 2022

Remi’s a tasty, big titted, tattooed, brunette large bodied seductress, with a vintage, fur covered, man trap. This large and lovely lass has sought out Jay, the infamous chubby chaser, for one of his infamous, in-depth massages. After some Q&A, she lies face down on his table, as Jay oils her up, and superbly massages her fabulous, fatty flesh, with his masterful hands and daring digits, while she groans euphorically. Generously, he offers her his rock-hard, humongous, demon cock, as an oral pacifier, to put her in the mood for the deep penetrating relief she desperately needs. Having wet her appetite, he brilliantly licks and fingers her asshole and pussy, before using a gargantuan dildo to stimulate a deep release, while she groans ecstatically, suckling on his colossal cock. Then, he has her roll onto her back, as he oils up her front, firmly massaging her thighs and masterfully fingering her furry, bearded clam, which makes her eyes widen, while she moans and shrieks, with licentious jubilation. Being a finger fucking aficionado, Jay unleashes a monumental, gut-wrenching, screeching orgasm. However, being the consulate professional, he realizes there is more to cum, so he redoubles his efforts furiously, finger fucking her hairy hole to trigger another volcanic, shrieking, all-consuming orgasm. Having released all her tension, Jay leaves his satisfied customer to relax on the table, while she regains her composure.

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