Huge Tits Dildo Party

Remi Ferdinand Apr 19, 2022

Remi is an adorable, dark haired, tattooed and pierced, BBW slut, with some humongous, 40G boobs to smother you with, and a vintage, fur burger, so that her lovers can dine and floss simultaneously, while warming their nose. This is this precocious, horny, heavy honey’s first scene for us, so she starts off by telling us about herself, her varied sexual interests, how much she loves to cum, and the obvious reason why she earned the moniker, “Captain Party Tits", before giving us her personal contact info, so all of her new fans can keep in touch. After fondling her elephantine tits, and twerking her big, beautiful ass, she lies back on a hot-pink lounge, as she fervently fingers her hungry, hairy hooch to trigger a gut-wrenching, eyes rolling back in her head orgasm. Hungry for more, she sensually sucks a gargantuan, purple dildo, then frenetically fucks her voracious, harlot’s hole, to usher in a slew of moaning, yelping, all consuming orgasms. Being a sexual glutton, the more she cums, the more she wants to cum, as she unleashes a cornucopia of jaw-dropping orgasms. Needing to stimulate her oral G-spot, she uses another dildo to fuck her mouth, as she continues fucking her pussy, while groaning ecstatically. Thankfully, she moves into cowgirl, sucking one dildo, while wantonly riding the other, so that we can ogle her awesome ass, as she races to her orgasmic Nirvana. In closing, she thanks us for watching, and gives us her contact info again. Wow, I need a cold shower.

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