Double the Fat, Double the Fun

Crystal Blue, Scarlett O'Ryan Mar 25, 2022

Scarlett is an attractive, mature, red haired, thick, sexy woman, pretending to direct Crystal, a charming, tall, 300+ lb., tattooed, brunette, BBW slut, as Jay shoots camera, until things inevitably heat up. Scarlett directs Crystal in masturbating with dildos, which is titillating, but she feels something is missing. Deciding they need a real dick, the girls commandeer Jay’s colossal cock. First, Scarlett shows how to sensually suck Jay’s demon cock, then Crystal gleefully takes over with sluttish avarice. Jay valiantly shoots POV, while the ladies gluttonously suck his demon dick with gluttony. Crystal intently studies every stroke, as Scarlett moans ecstatically, showing how to ride a huge cock in cowgirl. Then, Crystal’s elephantine ass wantonly humps Jay, in a mesmerizing display of depravity, as she moans and sighs, in rapture. Jay then vigorously pounds his big dick into Crystal in doggie, while she eats Scarlett’s torrid twat, as their rapturous moans fill the room. Crystal groans ecstatically, while Scarlett licks her bald cunt, as Jay vehemently drills his demon dick into her in doggie, making her moan and yelp, like a bitch in heat. Subsequently, Jay drives Scarlett home in anal missionary, sending her into intoxicated, dick- delirium, while Crystal revels in this Bacchanalian fuck festival with a vibrator glued to her clit. Finally, Jay paints their tongues with a slathering of cum, which they savor swallowing with sluttish relish.

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