Heavy Duty Masturbation

Veronica Jasmine Mar 1, 2022

Veronica is a dominant, tall, bewitching, big boobed, flaxen haired, Amazonian seductress. This tantalizing Zaftig temptress begins her solo masturbation scene, telling us about herself. Then, she begins fingering her bald, juice box, while playing with the pert nipples of her elephantine boobs, groaning and moaning with euphoric ardor. Then she drenches her gargantuan tits in oil, so her dildo can easily slid through them, as she sucks its head with epicurean relish. Next, she uses a vibrator on her nipples, which are already as hard as eraser heads, as she moans elatedly. In a jaw dropping display of satisfying her lecherous longings, she massages her clit and asshole with the vibrator, as she twerks her massive, monumental ass in doggie, while moaning ecstatically. Naturally, she is a breath taking vision, as she lies back, working the dildo into her hungry, harlot’s hole, while gluing the vibrator to her throbbing clit, as she groans and cries out, in perverse exultation, with her massive mounds of belly fat spreading out onto the bed, in a festival of fat. She continues furiously fucking herself to coax out an all consuming, body convulsing orgasm, which engulfs her in a tidal wave of decadent delight.

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