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Divina Winter Oct 12, 2021

Divina is a bewitching, raven-haired, tattooed, heavy honey, with a pair of 36 triple-D tits, and deep, dark, mesmerizing eyes. After introducing herself, she gives us her website, and contact info. Then, she strips, while fondling her mind-boggling, voluptuous body, as she talks to us seductively. With a sultry voice, that could melt butter, she makes you feel as if you are kneeling in front of her, stroking your cock, entranced by her carnal display. Lying back on the couch, she uses a large, heavy-duty vibrator on the engorged clit of her bald pussy, as she groans ecstatically. Grabbing a humongous dildo, she wantonly sucks it, to get it nice and wet, before sliding it into her shaved snatch, moaning, and crying out, in lecherous exultation, as she rhythmically fucks herself, while keeping the vibrator glued to her clit. Feeling frisky, she vigorously rides her faux-cock in cowgirl, with her big, beautiful ass hypnotically, twerking, and humping it, as she moans, and squeals, in libidinous jubilation. As a connoisseur of cock, she sensually savors sucking her pussy juice from the silicon prick, before briskly, titty fucking her massive mammaries with lecherous gusto. With her passions set ablaze, she resumes fucking her quivering quim with the humongous dildo, while massaging her clit with the vibrator, eliciting euphoric groans, and moans, of unbridled, primal passions, before a savory, scintillating orgasm burst forth, leaving her luxuriating in its steamy afterglow.

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