Newcumer Babe Craves Cock

Babe West Apr 9, 2021

Babe’s a vivacious, crimson-haired, tattooed and pierced, roly-poly, plump tart fatty, who is frantically rubbing her clit with a vibrator, while sucking, then riding the humongous, silicon prick, of a silicon torso named Chad, to release her sexual tension, but when Jay enters, he becomes jealous of her faux friend, so she assuages his concerns by voraciously sucking his big dick, with , demonish hunger, as she still humps her silicon lover, while moaning ecstatically. She then wildly rides Jay’s towering tool in cowgirl, as she continues sucking and jacking off her silicon stud, while moaning, and crying out, in debauched exultation. Putting her in doggie, Jay brutishly slams his monster cock into her, as she greedily sucks her faux friend’s dick, while moaning, and howling like a bitch in heat. Rolling into spoon, Jay diligently drills his demon dick into her, as she moans, and wails, in sluttish jubilation. She continues her raucous ride in reverse cowgirl, ferociously slamming her greedy cunt that is covered with a thin, downy coat of red pubes onto him, as she deliriously moans, and shrieks, in a cock-crazed revelry. Resuming her wild ride in cowgirl releases a volcanic, screaming orgasm. Jay then savors eating her savory snatch, before barbarously, pile driving his gargantuan tool into her in missionary, as she moans, and screeches, in rapture. To satiate her carnal cravings, Jay paints her tongue with a sizable slathering of joy juice.

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