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Jessica Jump Starts Her Motor

Jessica is an enticing, big-titted, randy, seductive, mature BBW slut. She begins this solo masturbation scene provocatively talking to the camera and giving us her website info while fondling her bodacious curves, as she undresses. A maestro of the oral arts, she gives a jaw-dropping demonstration of her adept, oral artistry, sucking a dildo that will blow your mind. She then sits back in a chair, as her adroit fingers stimulate her shaved snatch, skillfully tickling her fancy, as she moans, and cries out, in hedonistic exultation. Then she massages her throbbing clit with a teaser vibrator, then a more powerful one, that kicks her passions into overdrive, as she moans, and wails, in lecherous jubilation, unleashing the first of many, gut-wrenching, screaming orgasms. Being a connoisseur of cock, she gluttonously sucks the huge cock of a man’s silicon torso, with whorish, wolfish hunger, as if, she has a clit in her throat. Hungry for more, she moves her silicon stud to the chair, so that she can wildly ride his horse cock in cowgirl, then reverse cowgirl, bellowing, and bawling, in a cock-crazed revelry, as she races towards her decadent Valhalla, while volcanic, screaming orgasms continue to burst forth. She then takes matters in her own hands, sitting back in the chair with her legs spread wide, as she frantically fucks her voracious, harlot’s hole to bring forth one more titanic, screaming, orgasmic tsunami that engulfs her, for a phenomenal ending.

Release date: Apr 6, 2021 Length: 20 Minutes Pics: 73