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Alexa Shows Us Her Pussy

Alexa’s is a radiant redheaded, mega-boobed, mature, BBW slut, who gives us a little intro dialogue to familiarize us with herself, as she undresses and teases us by giggling her titanic tits, and big, beautiful ass in our faces. Then she sits on the couch, with her legs spread wide, firmly fingering her cauldron of carnal cravings to a seething boil, while moaning ecstatically, bringing herself to a monumental, soul-wrenching orgasm. She then brings out a vibrator, which she started on her rock hard nipples while moaning elatedly, before firmly massaging her engorged clit with it, unleashing a screaming, exorcism worthy orgasm. Then she inserts a ginormous, handheld piston-driven dildo, that she vehemently fucks her greedy, bald cunt with, as she fingers her clit, moaning, and wailing in decadent jubilation, while her endless progression of earth-shattering orgasms continues. Being an orgasm junkie, she grabs a different vibrating dildo that she frantically fucks herself with, while moaning, and crying out, in debauched exultation, as screaming, gut-wrenching, orgasmic tsunamis engulfs her.

Release date: Feb 9, 2021 Length: 20 Minutes Pics: 42