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Sydney's Juicy Pussy

Casually lying back and watching porn in her living room, charming brunette plumper Sydney finds herself unable to resist the urge to touch herself. She pulls up her well-deserved "Epic Tits" t-shirt to expose her perfectly round belly and reaches down her pants to start masturbating. Almost as soon as her lustful hand arrives to its awaiting destination, the fat babe's lover, Jay, makes his way down the stairs. All dressed up, he has been planning tonight's dinner with his boss and his wife for months. Surprised at the sight he just walked into, and even though the answers are obvious to him, he reluctantly asks his curvy girlfriend if she's all set to leave. Sydney goes up to get ready, but as soon as she gets there, the horny BBW strips down to her cute pink lingerie and starts twisting in pleasure as she wildly flicks her bean. Checking in on her, Jay's potbellied partner tells him that the only reason she got turned on is because the guy in the porno she's watching looks like him. She promises to get ready the minute Jay finishes railing her pussy, so our goateed hero accepts the deal. Grabbing his shaft and putting her mouth to work as soon as he pulls his pants down, Sydney clearly means business. Once her oral obligations are fulfilled, she mounts the anticipating rod, grinding and bouncing as her whole body jiggles in motion. The large lady then sits on the older stallion's face, suffocating him with her grassy muff as he feasts on it. After a race to climax in 69, reverse cowgirl is their next position. Jay continues to get a sweet view of the chunky darling's yummy booty as she slides on his throbbing cock in doggie next. Reaching his limit as he's plowing her meaty, hairy cunt while her legs are spread wide, he cums through on his part of the agreement by busting one on her juicy inked milkers.

Release date: Jan 8, 2021 Length: 23 Minutes Pics: 373