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Nervous Newbie Ashley

Ashley is a charming, big titted, crimson-haired, large, and lovely newbie, who has sought out Jay, the chubby chaser, to introduce her, to the wonderful world of porn, and he is happy to help out. After an informative, get to know her chat, while Jay also explains the business, and what her job today will entail, Jay helps her to undress, while fondling, and suckling on size G, monumental mammaries, as well as, burying his face in her overflowing mounds, of fabulous, fatty flesh. Jay then has her lie down on the bed, spreading her legs wide, as she fingers her engorged, humongous, elephantine clitoris, standing sentry, perched above her shaved snatch, as she moans ecstatically, while Jay guides her, on her X-rated inauguration, and encourages her filthy diatribe to us. Then Jay offers her a large dildo, and a powerful vibrator to enhance her masturbatory experience, which she accepts with sluttish glee. She alternates between fucking her quivering quim with the dildo and sucking her pussy juice from it, while fervently rubbing her gargantuan clit, with the vibrator turned up to the max, as she moans, and cries out, in decadent exultation, until she finally brings herself to a jaw-dropping, screaming, body convulsing, exorcism worthy orgasm, that is sure to leave you wanting to see more, from this titanic newbie.

Release date: Sep 29, 2020 Length: 22 Minutes Pics: 134