Fabulous Fleshy Fuck

Angelina Jan 25, 2017

Angelina is a black-haired, Hispanic corpulent cutie with a big smile and a plethora of fleshy folds. She’s come to Jay, our resident chubby chaser, to feed her lascivious desires. Wasting no time, she devours his potent prick with the ravenous, gluttonous hunger of a cock-addicted whore. After licking her bald, fleshy pussy, Jay plunges his stalwart shaft into her garden of decadent desires in missionary, with her fleshy folds undulating like a water bed with his every thrust. Jay gives her a brisk titty-fuck before moving into spoon to drill her cunt with fiery fervor, much to her delight. After she sucks her pussy juice off of his prodigious prick, Jay buries it in her cunt in doggie, slamming her from behind like a jack hammer as she groans approvingly, cumming like the wanton wench she is. He pushes her down flat on her stomach and has her reach back to spread her ass cheeks as he drills her harlot’s hole with reckless abandon, giving us a great view. Taking a breather, he has her mount him in cowgirl with her mountainous ass jiggling with every thrust like a jello mold that’s been slapped. Jay finally works up a load in missionary and pulls out to spray-paint her tits with gobs of goo.

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