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The Smell Of Ecstasy

Genevieve is a gigantic, tattooed, big-boobed, blonde, corpulent cutie, who needs one of Jay’s special massages. Having seemingly slipped into an altered state, Jay buries his face in her titanic tits, and voluminous ass, while conducting his exam. Then, with her lying face down on his table, naked, he probes and prods her fabulous, fatty flesh, before oiling her up, for some deep stroking, as she groans appreciatively. Jay is compelled to give her asshole a tongue lashing, to get her juices flowing, so when she notices his raging hard-on, she insists upon greedily sucking it, like a massive, meaty pacifier, as he massages her back and butt. While in doggie, she continues sucking his colossal cock, as he furiously fucks her quivering quim, with a large dildo, while she moans, and yelp, with unbridled, primal passions. Once on her back, Jay alternates between stimulating her pert, eraser head nipples with a vibrator, and his mouth, before worshipfully kissing, and caressing her Buddha's belly, then descending to probe her pussy, that is topped with some stubble growing back, with a vibrator, as she moans, and sighs, ecstatically. Leaving the vibrator buried in her juice box, he frantically fingers her clit, to unleash a stupendous, screaming, body convulsing orgasm, whose pussy contractions fire the vibrator out her snatch, like a missile. Realizing that she has more to release, he furiously, finger fucks her, igniting another explosive orgasm, to make her another satisfied customer.

Release date: Aug 18, 2020 Length: 26 Minutes Pics: 201