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Jay Fucks Lacy's Asshole

Lacy is a desirable, tattooed, brunette, mature, BBW wench, who Jay’s faux wife, in this risqué vignette. Horny as usual, Jay buries his face in Lacy’s ass, while she is doing the dishes, but she admonishes him, reminding him that they have a guest coming over, and orders him to straighten up the living room, so Jay dejectedly wanders off. She later finds him jacking off his humongous cock, while sitting on the couch naked. Hoping to get some work out of him, she decides to sensually, savor sucking his dinosaur dick. Jay then worshipfully licks and fingers her bald, man trap, before exuberantly plowing his titanic tool into her, in missionary, as she moans, and cries out, in wanton exultation. Once in doggie, he barbarously slams his monster cock into her, while she moans, and yelps, with unbridled, primal passions. He continues brutishly pile driving his donkey dick into her in spoon, while she moans ecstatically. Then she sits on his tower of power, in cowgirl, as her big, beautiful ass wildly humps him, while she moans, and wails, in salacious jubilation. Putting her ass in the air, on the arm of the sofa, he continues pulverizing her pussy, sending her, into a moaning, squealing, whorish rapture, before redirecting his prick, into her ass, as he potently pounds it into her, sending her into a moaning, shrieking, dick drunk delirium. He continues his anal assault, with her turned on her side, until he finally pulls out, to unleash a geyser of goo, all over her face.

Release date: Aug 14, 2020 Length: Minutes Pics: 305