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Alexxxis Allure Aug 4, 2020

Alexxxis is a fetching, tattooed, pierced, big-boobed, blue-haired, BBW slut, who catches Jay dreaming of massaging her, with a hard-on, when she arrives for her appointment, so she grabs his humongous cock, shocking him. After giving her an in-depth, physical exam, with his skilled fingers, tongue, and lips, he has her lie face down on his massage table naked, as he oils her up, and masterfully digs deep, into her fabulous, fleshy folds, massaging deeply, to release her tensions and stress, while she moans blissfully. Being a huge slut, she can’t help but fondle Jay’s rock hard, demon cock, taking it out to stroke, while he continues her massage. Rolling her onto her back, Jay oils up her front, as he continues massaging, licking, and sucking her mountainous mounds, of fabulous fatty flesh, which feeds her rhapsodic moans, before diving between her thunder thighs, to adeptly lick her bald, honey pot, to fuel her euphoric moans. He then brings out a vibrator, to titillate her clit, before inserting it into her cave of lecherous longings, as he licks her clit, while she moans, and cries out, in orgiastic exultation. With her using the vibrator on her clit, Jay sensually works a large dildo, into her voracious cunt, as she moans, and squeals, in rapture, before she erupts, in a stunning, screaming, soul-shaking orgasm, leaving her satiated, and happily drained of all her pent up tension.

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