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Lady Lynn Jan 24, 2020

Lady Lynn is a lovely, ebullient, large breasted, redheaded, multi-orgasmic, mature, BBW slut. Jay, our resident masseur, worshipfully fondles and licks her fleshy folds, as his talented tongue, teases her puckered asshole, and pink taco, with adept, oral mastery, before sensually, massaging her fine, fatty flesh, focusing on her big, beautiful ass, while she moans euphorically, as she lies, on his massage table. She then, greedily, savors sucking his demon cock, as he firmly fingers her twat, bringing her, to a gut wrenching orgasm. Flipping her over, he erotically massages her gigantic tits, and belly, as she groans ecstatically, while sucking his monster cock. Moving to a bed, he potently plows his demon dick, into her, in missionary, as she moans and cries out, in hedonistic exultation. Then, she ferociously slams, her greedy cunt, onto his towering tool, in reverse cowgirl, as screaming, gut wrenching orgasms burst forth. Jay unleashes a slew of screaming, soul wrenching orgasms, as he diligently drills his demon dick, into her, in spoon. Resuming her raucous ride, in cowgirl, she moans and wails, in lascivious jubilation, as her fat ass, fervidly humps him. She moans and howls, with untethered, primordial passions, as he slams his big dick into her, in doggie. He renews probing her pussy, with his titanic tool, in missionary, as she moans and shrieks, in rapture, until he spews his cum, into and all over, her mouth and tits, leaving her happily, glazed and dazed.

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