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Veruca's Back for More Bone

Veruca, is a jovial, big titted, brunette, heavy honey, whose ample charms, have enthralled, Jay, who adoringly, licks and fondles, her fabulous, fleshy folds, before burying his head in her bum, to worshipfully tongue her asshole, while she moans euphorically. With her carnal cravings fired up, she gluttonously, relishes sucking, his horse cock, with sluttish glee and gusto, before mounting his ivory tower of power, her big, fat ass, zealously humps him, as she moans and cries out, in lecherous exultation. After she greedily sucks her slut sauce, from his dork, Jay, brutishly pounds his monster cock, into her, in doggie, while she moans and howls, like a bitch in heat. Watching her, moaning and squealing, ecstatically, as she ardently slams, her bald, hungry hooch, onto his pleasure pole, in reverse cowgirl, while her rolls of fatty flesh, jiggles and gyrates, in a corpulent tango, is a jaw dropping sight to behold. After some vigorous throat fucking, Jay, assiduously drills his donkey dick, into her fleshy pink taco, as she frantically fingers her clit, bellowing and bawling, in wanton jubilation, as her mountainous mounds of fat, ripple and roll, as her screaming, volcanic orgasmic erupts. He then, barbarously plows his titanic tool, into her, in missionary, as her corpulent flesh, undulates tempestuously, while she moans and shrieks, with unbridled passions, before he fires a jet stream of jism, into her mouth, putting a big, gooey smile on her face.

Release date: Sep 14, 2018 Length: 30 Minutes Pics: 696