You Can't Keep a Good Plumper Down

Cami Cooper Apr 11, 2018

Cami’s a blonde big boobed round n’raunchy giantess, who has enthralled Chad with her elephantine breasts, obsessively he alternates between slapping and fucking them with his potent prick, and having her savor sucking his cock with sluttish epicurean glee. With thier passions inflamed, he barbarously plows his titanic tool into her bald garden of lascivious longings in missionary, as she withers and moans in ecstatic exultation. Moving into spoon, he brutishly drills his donkey dick into her, sending her into a moaning dick drunk revelry. With unbridled passions, she ferociously slams her voracious cunt onto his fuckpole in reverse cowgirl, moaning and wailing with fiery feral fervor. Continuing her wild ride in cowgirl, her big beautiful fat ass zealously humps him, as she moans and cries out with primal passion unleashed. After she sucks her slut juice from his dork, Chad gives her titanic tits a brisk titty fucking, before pounding his colossal cock into her in doggie, as she moans and yelps in debauched rapture. Returning to missionary then spoon, he vehemently pile drives his beefy battering ram into her, making her mountainous mounds of flesh, and ginormous fun bags rise and fall with every potent thrust, as she begs for his cum, moaning and howling in a sex crazed mania, until he pulls out to drench her gargantuan fun bags with a torrential downpour of cum, leaving her with a big smile on her face happily rubbing his skin cream into her humongous ta ta’s.

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