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Lacy's Fat Massage

Lacy is a tattooed, black haired, big boobed, bounteous BBW who has come to see Jay, our resident masseur, to work some kinks out of her sore muscles. Being the consummate professional, he uses his hands and tongue to determine where she is sore and holding tension as she stands before him. Completing his exam, he lays her face down on his table naked, then oils her up, and begins kneading, stroking, and deeply massaging her sore back, buttocks, and thighs, eliciting groans of ecstatic release. A master of meridians, he fingers and tongues her asshole to release the muscular tension in her low back. Rolling her over, he oils up, squeezes, and tongues her titanic tits, then works down her ample abdomen to her bald honey pot and thighs, pulling, stroking, and kneading her flabby flesh like a baker kneads dough. Kissing her deeply while firmly fingering her voracious, bald hungry hole, makes her quiver and moan in orgiastic ecstasy. Using a vibrating dildo to get at those hard to reach pressure points deep within her cave of lecherous longings while fingering her hard clit, he quickly releases a torrent of screaming, full-body convulsing orgasms. Putting her in doggie to stretch her back and butt, he utilizes his industrial strength magic wand to vibrate her love button, sending her into a moaning, screaming, intoxicated, dick-drunk delirium as a deluge of screaming, cursing, gut-wrenching orgasmic tsunamis engulf her. With all of her tension released, he leaves her lying on the table feeling like melted butter.

Release date: Aug 11, 2017 Length: 26 Minutes Pics: 407