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Danni's Chubby Massage

Danni’s a tall, ton of fun, large bodied, brown haired lass who has come to Jay for a massage like only he can give, to unkink her sore muscles. After stripping her naked, he examines every fleshy fold and then has her lie down on his table so he can begin deep kneading the kinks out of her muscles. Oiling her up, he pays special attention to her big, beautiful fat ass, which she enjoys profusely. Flipping her on her back, he firmly massages her breasts while giving her pert nipples a thorough tongue massage before working his way down to her shaved snatch, firmly pulling it apart as he tongues her sensitive clit. He breaks out a vibrating dildo to release that deep seated tension, gently teasing her clit before inserting it into her harlot’s hole while he fingers and licks her clit as she moans in whorish jubilation. Putting her in doggie to stretch her back and ass, he massages and kneads her muscles while licking her clit before applying his heavy duty monster vibe to her clit as he tongues her asshole, driving her to the heights of sybaritic reverie until she explodes in a volcanic, all-consuming orgasm, releasing all tension and leaving her limp and satiated.

Release date: Apr 24, 2017 Length: 25 Minutes Pics: 621