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Plumper Gets Herself Off

Lacy’s a black haired, jovial, corpulent cutie with mountainous mammaries doing a solo masturbation scene. After a brief get to know her intro, she undresses to reveal her fabulous fleshy folds before fingering her bald pussy, stirring the cauldron of her decadent desires, which she continues in doggie while moaning lasciviously. Wanting more, she grabs a vibrating dildo to demonstrate her cock sucking expertise before turning it on to stimulate her pert nipples, then moving down to fervently fuck her hungry hole, bringing herself to the first of many gut-wrenching, all-consuming orgasms. Moving on, she grabs the heavy duty industrial vibrator, starting on her nipples before moving down to her gluttonous harlot’s hole, where she becomes enthralled with the vibrator’s electrifying vibes as she holds it against her clit, unleashing a deluge of never-ending, screaming, exorcism-worthy orgasms one after the other, and that’s with the vibrator on low. So when she turns it on high, she almost instantly explodes, like throwing gasoline on a fire, and she erupts in a shocked, other worldly, earth shaking orgasm that probably registered on a Richter scale.

Release date: May 1, 2017 Length: 21 Minutes Pics: 371