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Full Figured Deep Rub

Randi is an Amazonian chubby chick who towers over Jay, our resident masseur, making him look like a horny hobbit. With her standing next to him, I thought it was trick photography, but then I remembered we can’t afford tricks, so she really is that big. She has sought out Jay’s special talents to soothe her strained sore muscles, caused by her exuberant sexual antics. As he undresses her, he sucks on her boobs, which are at face level while he’s standing up straight. She’s huge! After examining her with hands and tongue, he lays her face down on his table, oiling her up as he deeply kneads her abundant flesh while she groans in orgiastic ecstasy. Jay deeply strokes her big, beautiful ass, pulling it apart to reveal her puckered asshole and moist pussy. Flipping her over, oiled up, he massages her full breasts while licking her pert nipples before deeply stroking her groin and fingering her shaved snatch while administering a thorough tongue massage. Jay whips out a large vibrating dildo to release her deep, inner tensions, first vibrating her nipples, then titillating her clit before working it into her hungry hole as he fingers her clit, triggering a volcanic orgasmic eruption. He puts her in doggie to stretch her back and ass muscles as he deeply kneads them before bringing out his monster vibrator, which he focuses on her clit while tonguing her asshole, catapulting her to the heights of hedonistic exultation as she explodes in orgasmic rapture, leaving her completely relaxed, like a limp noodle.

Release date: May 8, 2017 Length: 24 Minutes Pics: 526