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Fucking Plump

Sexy, big girl Calista has a 56-inch butt, and priapic, grey-haired Jay wants to sample every one of those inches. He sticks his face into her huge ass and finds himself in heavyweight heaven before dropping his pants and slipping his erect penis into the bounteous BBW’s warm, waiting mouth. He pumps his dick between her lips with passion and then pushes Calista back so he can get his own mouth onto her generous cunt for some plus-sized cunnilingus. Next, Calista takes Jay’s rigid organ deep into her fat pussy, and she gets a good, hard fucking from the goateed geezer. He bangs her from behind, makes her ride him on top, and reams her out in spoon position before at last pulling out and beating off onto her out stretched tongue for a sloppy finale.

Release date: Jul 4, 2016 Length: 28 Minutes Pics: 866