One Is the Loneliest Plumper

Kailie Raynes Nov 14, 2016

Kailie is a pretty, tattooed brunette plumper with massive mammaries and large pierced nipples who is doing her first on-camera scene. After a brief get to know you interview, in which she confesses that her pussy is dripping wet with anticipation and excitement, our kind-hearted cameraman decides to film her self-pleasuring herself while they wait for the her co-star to show up, so as not to let her simmering snatch cool off. Under his gentle direction, she begins to finger her furry bearded clam, which, in this era of shaved snatches, is like spotting a unicorn. Her dexterous fingers work their magic, fondling her fleshy pussy and making herself moan and groan in ecstasy. Giving us a nice view of her big beautiful fat ass, she continues diddling herself in doggie, then lays back down on her back, where she can use a nice hot pink vibrator to feed her gluttonous fur burger the good vibrations that she has been craving. This hot pink vibrating dildo seems to be color-coordinated to offset her hooker red lipstick, which gives her full, pouty lips the slutty cock sucking allure that she surely intends for them to have. Since it looks like the guy is a no show, we decide to bring out the big guns, switching out the pink vibrating dildo for our heavy duty, industrial strength, rock your world vibrator. Our shooter wisely advises her to start using it on her pierced nipples first, as you can tell by the pleasantly shocked look on her face just how intensely it stimulates her hard pierced eraser head nipples. The stimulation was far more intense than she had imagined, or had been prepared for, but, undaunted, our sex crazed chubby beauty is now fixated upon the potential pleasure that she holds in her hands with this orgasmic nuke, and she redirects it to her greedy insatiable bearded oyster. Drunk with wielding the power of this formidable tool of sexual shock and awe, she works this potent power tool with the deft hands of a surgeon, bringing herself to one gut-wrenching orgasm after another, as a salaciously lewd and debauched smile slips past her lips with every carnal accomplishment. After unleashing a torrent of orgasmic tsunamis, she falls back finally spent, with a proud and contented smile on her face. This is one corpulent cutie to keep your eye out for. If this is what she can do when her cocksman is a no show, I can’t wait to see what happens when she gets a dick in her hands. It looks like a chubby star may have just been born.

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