Busty BBW Fucks Her Co-Worker

Remi Ferdinand Mar 10, 2023

As head of HR, Jay calls Remi and Lawson into his office. After acknowledging their stellar job performance, Jay says there are too many complaints about their boisterous work trysts, while breaking chairs and table in the rec room. Consequently, he has to fire one of them, so he leaves them to decide who it will be. Consoling him, Remi pulls his head to her ginormous tits, then this insatiable, brunette, chunky chick convinces him to go out with a bang. After she greedily sucks his noir, monster cock, he furiously fucks her fur-burger while she wails ecstatically. After he gives her a massive facial, Jay returns, catching them in the act, so he fires them both. Then, with gobs of cum dripping from her chin, Remi gives us a wicked wink, admitting it was worth.

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