Big Black Cock for BBW Girls Night

Angel DeLuca, Ash Lauren, Brina Scarlett Mar 3, 2023

Scarlet-haired, Brina excitedly bounces her heavy hooters, while modeling sexy lingerie. Angel, a captivating brunette, heavy honey, with some mountainous mammaries, wholeheartedly approves. When dirty-blonde haired Ash comes out, brushing her teeth naked, they wonder why she is not ready for girls night. Then, they realize they all thought the other was ordering a male girl, but none did. Undaunted, they decide to seduce the food delivery guy. When Lawson, the dark skinned delivery stud, arrives, they invite him in for the tip of his life. Brina jumps for joy, when they discover what a humongous cock he has. The girls take turns sucking and fucking his prodigious prick, while howling with decadent delight. After Lawson slathers Angel’s tongue with a quart of cum, the girls snowball it, as it spills out, hedonistically sharing its gooey goodness.

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