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Plump Tension Relief

Blond Dream a tattooed, bountiful, horny BBW who is obviously a natural blonde. She has come to our resident, dedicated masseur to work out some deep kinks. A consummate professional, Jay wastes no time getting her naked and lying face down on his massage table, oiling her up and kneading her fleshy mounds with long deep strokes, savoring every stoke, which she obviously enjoys more than he, but not as much as when he massages her pussy and asshole with his talented tongue, which makes her moan in ecstasy. Being a full service masseur, he flips her over, stroking her smallish breasts before diving between her legs to lap up her labia juice. Realizing she needs some deep tissue work to get out all of her kinks, Jay brings out the vibrating dildo to get at those hard to reach places, which really gets her ready for the heavy duty vibrator that he brings out next. He starts with her sensitive nipples before working his way down to her nether regions, where this high powered buzz toy creates a volcanic eruption that releases a first wave of her deep-seated tension. Looking to get the last remnants, he places her in doggie so he can do some deep stroking of her back and ass before utilizing an industrial-strength vibrator that rocks her to her core, making her cum like freight train.

Release date: Nov 21, 2016 Length: 20 Minutes Pics: 591