Rose's Raunchy Rubdown

Rose LaReine Dec 27, 2022

Rose, an enticing, big-titted, tattooed and pierced, brown-haired, heavy honey. Feeling overworked, she calls Jay, the chubby chaser, for one of his legendary massages. After giving her a thorough hand and tongue examination to find where she is holding her tension, he has her lie down and oils up her back. His dynamic digits work their magic, deeply kneading her back and butt to release her deep-seated tension. While Jay is mesmerized, massaging her big, beautiful butt, she cannot help but fondle the growing bulge in his pants as his interest rises. Unable to contain her sluttish nature, she takes out his demon cock, avidly savoring, sucking it with sluttish avarice. Being the consummate professional, his furiously finger fucking her torrid twat triggers a powerful, screaming orgasm releasing her deep-seated tension. After she flips onto her back and he oils her up, he pays oral homage to her mountainous mammaries, then resumes furiously finger fucking her to usher in another glorious orgasm, while she suckles on his colossal cock, as if it were a giant, meaty pacifier. Next, Jay adeptly massages her throbbing clit with a vibrator, instilling some good vibrations, then rhythmically fucks her carnal cavern with a large dildo, unleashing a couple of earth-shattering, screaming, all-consuming orgasms, leaving her with a big, slut-satisfied smile on her face.


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