Rubbing His Fucking Face in It

Natalie Kinky Dec 16, 2022

Natalie is an engaging, 300+ lb., scarlet-haired, 42” double D, big-boobed BBW newbie. After Jay’s usual, convivial get-to-know-her chat, he hides his head under her big belly, then buries his face in her big, beautiful, fat ass, paying oral homage to her fabulous, fatty flesh. Then, she gluttonously sucks his monster cock with rapacious, sluttish avarice, gusto, glee, and impressive, oral prowess. After spanking her ass hard to ignite her fiery passions, he assertively slams his demon cock into her in doggie, bareback, as she moans and howls, in rapture, begging for more. Next, he brutishly pile-drives his titanic tool into her in missionary, then a side-missionary, with one leg over his shoulder, while she moans and cries out in orgiastic exultation, as her ginormous belly giggles and wiggles with his every virile thrust. Being a baker at heart, Jay leaves a holiday cream pie in her bald, cock-oven for gooey good tidings and holiday cheer.

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